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It's the players that make online gaming rewarding.  Improved gaming focuses on the players to make gaming enjoyable.

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Here you can find a tutorial to Rust along with some more information.

We are all about Rust and bring new players into the community. If you need help with getting started or are looking to just find players to group with feel free to join us on our own Rust Server: Roamers Solo/Duo/Trio 

We don't tolerate Toxic behavior and our staff and player base do their best to make Roamers a place where you enjoy playing Rust.

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World of Warcraft Classic

With World of Warcraft releasing their classic version summer of 2019 we are gathering information for players to enter the world of Azeroth. We will have more info and guilds as it approaches.  

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No player has to play alone, and they don't have to deal with their problems alone either.

Our side project "Player 2" is uses the improved gaming community to provide information to gamers about the importance of mental health issues (Depression, thoughts of self harm). We want our community to know an understand that you don't have to feel like you're fighting a battle all on your own . With Player 2 there is always a community of gamers there to help and support you by playing together and being able to talk.     

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