Rust Tutorial Getting Started



You will always spawn on the beach with a rock and torch. Now the race for survival is on. Start collecting, crafting, and building.

Things to do

  • First thing you need to do is start collecting wood and stone
  •  Craft some tools (Stone Axe and Stone Pick) to help you gather
  •  Craft a blueprint to build a base 
  •  Craft a Tool Cupboard to put inside of your base (prevents base decay and other players from building) 

You will also need to collect cloth to craft a bow, sleeping bag, and clothing.

TIPS:  Watch out for Animals, like wolves, boars, and bears, as these animals can attack and harm you.

Choosing Base Location 

  • Forest (Redish areas) are filled with trees and mushrooms
  • Rivers have drinkable water and crops like corn and pumpkins around them
  • Mountains often have an abundance of ore nodes along the cliffs
  • Beaches have plenty of drift wood and are typically filled with new spawns 


Grassland "Grass" Biome

 Grasslands have an abundance of hemp and other small pick-up nodes. 


Desert "Arid" Biome

 Desert areas contain barrels, ore nodes, cacti, palm trees, and animals. (It's the only biome that cacti can spawn, which yields cactus flesh and cloth when hit with an axe.


Snow "Arctic" Biome

This area requires clothing to survive. Cold protection can be increased by equipping clothing and some armor pieces.